Did you know that you can:

  • use a microphone as your input device to remove popping sounds

  • use a Bluetooth speaker at the same time with a microphone

  • hear your Microphone through your Speakers

To learn how, watch this video.

What is your note-taking Mantra?

Goal setting is an important aspect of productivity. However, as your life becomes more and more complex, you'll also need systems and tools to help you organize the many pieces of information that you acquire from different sources. You'll need to figure out how to utilize those different threads of knowledge and resources in achieving your goals. One such system is the PARA system, conceptualized by someone named Tiago Forte. To learn more, read here.

How to stay organized using OneNote tags and tag summary pages

Microsoft OneNote is a great tool to help you stay organized. For a complete set of videos on how you can use OneNote to maximize your productivity, check out my FREE OneNote course.