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Goal setting is an important aspect of productivity. However, as your life becomes more and more complex, you'll also need systems and tools to help you organize the many pieces of information that you acquire from different sources. You'll need to figure out how to utilize those different threads of knowledge and resources in achieving your goals. One such system is the PARA system, conceptualized by someone named Tiago Forte.

Electric cars seem to be the rage all over the world. But have you ever wondered what makes it so popular these days? In this episode, we'll understand how electric cars work. We'll also look at their advantages and disadvantages.

I recently read the book, The four agreements, by author Don Miguel Ruiz. The author believes that when we commit to the four agreements, we free ourselves from our incorrect beliefs. Freedom from these incorrect beliefs frees up valuable energy that we can then use to create a great life for ourselves.

If there is one person who combined a brilliant intellect with relentless activity and a singular focus, it was none other than Sri Visvesvaraya. In his long life spanning more than a century, Sri Visvesvaraya made contributions in one lifetime that one can only dream of achieving in multiple lifetimes.

Let's look at the personality and achievements of this great person, also called India’s Father of Economic Planning and a Bharat Ratna.

In this Episode of the Enterlife podcast, I introduce very briefly a book that has helped me accomplish success and richness. The book is Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. I totally recommend the book.

In this episode, we discuss a common mistake people make while learning swimming and provide a simple drill to help one to relax while swimming.

This episode provides a few facts about the English language and emphasizes the importance of learning English.